MDE724 - Fibre Holder (Mechanical) for Melles Griot/Thorlabs Flexure Stages

MDE724 - Fibre Holder (Mechanical) for Melles Griot/Thorlabs Flexure Stages

Fibre Holder (Mechanical: Melles Griot/Thorlabs)   


  • Very easy to use
  • Clamp force adjustable from 25 to 125 g
  • Contact point on fibre is a resilient pad
  • Fits Melles Griot and Thorlabs flexure stages
  • 125/250 µm fibre with a jacket up to 1 mm diameter
  • Clamp arm swings clear of V-groove for easy loading of fibre

The model MDE724 Fibre Holder is designed to fit the Melles Griot/Thorlabs flexure stages and features a double V-groove and clamp arms to hold 125/250 µm fibre (US: fiber) with a jacket up to 1 mm diameter. The clamp arms swing clear of the V-groove, and the clamp forces can be adjusted from 25 to 125 g, making the unit very easy to use.

A comprehensive range of fibre holders using vacuum, magnet or spring-loaded clamps is available. User replaceable V-grooves enable the user to work with different fibre sizes economically. Custom grooves are our speciality.


Configuration   Double V-groove and clamp arms for cladding and jacket
Fibre size 125/250 µm fibre with up to 1 mm jacket
Fibre clamp Double clamp arms with adjustable force
Clamp force Adjustable from 25 to 125 g
Optical Axis 12.5 mm centre height
Mount Location tongue 3mm wide on base Fits Melles Griot/Thorlabs flexure stages

Options and Accessories
V-groove custom sizes available (MDE720-xxx/xxx)

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