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MDE22885 - SOA Alignment

MDE22885 - SOA Alignment
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MDE22885 - SOA Alignment
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  • Model: Martock MDE22885

Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Aligner   

MDE22885 SOA Aligner   

The MDE22885 is a specialised system for the alignment of SOAs (semiconductor optical amplifiers) and other similar dual-ended devices with angled facets.

The system comprises two 5-axis stages with Elliot Gold™ Series flexure stages, long-travel base platforms and a 2-axis fibre rotation mount. The central unit is a 2-axis rotation device mount configured for mounting of passive or active single- or multi-channel planar devices.

The linear axes of the flexure stages can be automated with an E2300 DAli 3 alignment controller and piezo adjusters. Automated alignment is of particular benefit when working with lensed fibres.


  • Slotted design for easy insertion and removal of fibre
  • Full 360° rotation on all rotational axes
  • Piezo drives available for linear axes
  • Can be configured for variable facet angle
  • Fibre held in V-groove clamps
  • Standard V-groove for 125/250 µm fitted. (Custom sizes available.)
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