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M3 Screws & Bushes - Kozak Micro Adjuster Screw Sets

M3 Screws & Bushes - Kozak Micro Adjuster Screw Sets
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M3 Screws & Bushes - Kozak Micro Adjuster Screw Sets
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  • Model: Kozak Micro M3 Screws & Bushes

High Resolution Metric Precision Bushes & Screws   

Kozak Micro Metric Adjuster Screw Sets   

Screw Pitches
  • 0.05 mm  (508 TPI)
  • 0.10 mm  (254 TPI)
  • 0.20 mm  (127 TPI)
  • 0.25 mm  (100 TPI)

Kozak metric matched-set micropositioning adjustment screws and unbraked bushings deliver the highest precision and smoothest movement by far for the most demanding of OEM applications.
Proprietary manufacturing on customised machine tools enables Kozak Micro to produce 0.25, 0.20, 0.10, and now 0.05 mm pitch adjusters that superior to industry standards. Equivalent thread classes exceed the highest 3A-3B Unified Thread Standard (UTS) by as much as 50%.
These M3 matched sets offer the smoothest and most precise movements in the industry, with a sub-micron resolution not commonly found in direct drive hardware. All are available in lengths from 8 to 39 mm with a 1.5 mm hex drive socket and a hardened steel (53 HRC) 1.6 mm diameter ball tip.
Note: Bushing can be supplied reversed (flipped) if required.

M3 Screws & Matched Bushings - All dimensions in mm
Screw Length Bushing Length

Drawings for the 0.20 and 0.25 mm series of bushes and the 25 mm screw set in various pitches can be downloaded from the Documents tab above in PDF format.

8 5
10 7
12 9
15 9
20 9
25 9
30 9
33 9
36 9
39 9

Contact us for details of 0.050 mm (508 TPI) screw pitch products.

Note: Screws and bushings may not be compatible with those sold by other manufacturers.

Kozak Micro website

File Name Size Link
TB3-20 Series Datasheet 66.12KiB Download
TB3-25 Series Datasheet 66.43KiB Download
Terms and Conditions V6 206.45KiB Download
TSBM3 Series Datasheet 65.52KiB Download
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