MDE725A-nnn - Fibre to Fibre Alignment V-Block

MDE725A-nnn - Fibre to Fibre Alignment V-Block

Fibre to Fibre Alignment V-Block   


  • Can be used with index matching gel to minimise coupling loss
  • Quick and easy mechanical coupling of two bare fibres without splicing

The MDE725A is designed to allow two bare fibres (US: fibers) to be coupled quickly and easily without the need for splicing in applications such as OTDR testing. Typical losses are 0.8 dB (0.3 dB best).

Each fibre is gripped in the outer thumb-loaded clamps. The left hand clamp moves smoothly along the X-axis moving the fibre along the V-groove into contact with the fixed fibre. This movement can be clamped if required. Index matching gel can be used in the V-groove to improve the coupling efficiency.


Configuration   Fibre to fibre alignment V-block with twin thumb loaded clamps
Fibre size Continuous V-groove for 125 µm fibre

Options and Accessories
V-grooves to suit fibres in the range 125 to 400 µm
Custom configurations to couple two different size fibres
MDE725 with thumb loaded & V-block clamps
MDE725-nnn (Please state fibre diameter 'nnn' in µm)

Product Code: Martock MDE725A-nnn

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