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HOLOEYE Thermal Management Systems

HOLOEYE Thermal Management Systems
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HOLOEYE Thermal Management Systems
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Cooling systems for SLMs   

TMS Series of Thermal Management Systems   

In situations requiring temperature control of a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM), such as an application involving a high power laser or where temperature fluctuations affect results, HOLOEYE offer a choice of two systems that can both heat and cool an SLM head.

TMS 001

HOLOEYE's TMS 001 electrically cools or heats an SLM that is in contact with a Peltier element and passive heat sink. It is connected to a PC via a control unit and USB cable.

TMS 002

The TMS 002 is actively temperature controlled by water and is connected via two small diameter pipes and a data cable to a desktop control unit. This, in turn, connects to the PC via a USB cable.

Thermal Management System Software

HOLOEYE's TMS configuration software runs on a PC and communicates with the device. This simple to use software automatically recognises which model of TMS is being used and allows you to set up a target temperature to maintain the SLM at. It will also log data and display it in real time graphically. The temperature of the SLM can be maintained at ambient, or above or below it.

HOLOEYE Photonics website

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A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used a cooled HOLOEYE SLM in their research. Here is an example:

A database of published papers, searchable by device or application, can be also found on the HOLOEYE website here.