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OSA20 - High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser

OSA20 - High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser
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OSA20 - High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser
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  • Model: EXFO OSA20

The fastest optical spectrum analyser of its kind   

OSA20 - High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser   


  • Wavelength range of 1250-1700 nm
  • Wavelength resolution:
    • ±10 pm over 1500-1640 nm
    • ±25 pm over 1250-1700 nm
  • Power level accuracy of ±0.4 dB
  • Built-in calibration source
  • Intuitive user interface with 12" touchscreen
  • 8 application-oriented analysis modes
  • Full suite of analysis tools

EXFO's acquisition of Yenista Optics brought with it the OSA20; the fastest optical spectrum analyser of its kind. With a maximum sweep speed of 2000 nm/s, it uses a fixed monochromator bandwidth of 20 pm and a fixed sampling resolution of 2 pm for all scans delivery every measurement at the highest resolution with the highest accuracy. Sweep speed is determined solely by the choice of the sensitivity level: -55 dBm at 2000 nm/s down to -90 dBm by averaging over 380 scans with HIGH at 0.5 nm/s.

The instrument's monochromator utilises a renowned filter technology with a 20 pm bandwidth, steep edges and low stray light. Power is integrated over 2 pm steps resulting in 225,001 data points for a 450 nm span. This allows for DWDM channel analysis down to 6.25 GHz spacing. The OSA20 has a high wavelength accuracy over the full wavelength range with ± 10 pm specified over 1500-1640 nm.

A large twelve inch capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch gesture control allows very fast navigation, scrolling and zooming in an intuitive manner. Keyboard and mouse control are also available through USB interfaces.

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