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SQUID Probes

SQUID Probes
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SQUID Probes
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Tristan SQUID Probes   

Tristan manufactures two basic SQUID probes for general laboratory use that are designed to be used while immersed in a liquid helium or nitrogen bath. A room temperature O-ring seal allows pumped dewar operation.

In all Tristan SQUID probes, construction materials are non-magnetic and carefully selected to minimise conduction of heat into the cryogenic bath. All SQUID probes are shielded against rf interference and other electrical transients that may affect the SQUID operation.  Probes are available separately for upgrading older SQUID systems or for expanding the capabilities of a more recently purchased system.

Probes are used to interface the SQUID sensors to the flux-locked loops and provide the basic capability for a variety of ultrasensitive measurements such as:

  • Magnetic fields and field gradients
  • Static magnetic moment and susceptibility
  • Electric and magnetic fluctuations
  • dc voltage and resistance
  • Low frequency ac resistance and self-inductance
  • Low frequency mutual inductance and susceptibility

Model MFP Multi-Function Probe (1.5 m length) with LSQ/20 sensor
The Model MFP Multi-Function Probe is the most versatile LTS SQUID probe offered. It combines full picovoltmeter, magnetometer, and ac bridge capabilities in a compact, easy-to-use design. The MFP probe includes additional room temperature circuitry located in a vacuum sealed housing.

The Model MFP uses a longer LTS SQUID sensor housing (Model LSQ/20M) to accommodate a small cryogenic terminal board with the resistance and mutual inductance standards required for voltage and impedance measurements. Rewiring of the probe to change its function is easily accomplished by moving a few jumper wires located on the terminal board. Its great versatility makes this the recommended probe when a variety of applications are required.

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