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Accessory Modules - Vescent Photonics

Accessory Modules - Vescent Photonics
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Accessory Modules - Vescent Photonics
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Electro-optic and Optical Ancilliaries   

Vescent Accessory Modules   

Vescent optical and electro-optical modules are designed to provide rugged, vibration immune operation in a small foot print. Innovative uses of liquid crystal and waveguide technologies provides functionality that was previously only realised mechanically. Vescent modules are designed to be mutually compatible, allowing the user to take advantage of Vescent’s non-mechanical approach to design sophisticated AMO experiments in a uniquely small optics-table footprint.

D2-130 Isolator Module

The isolator module contains a 35 dB isolator and ½-waveplate in a rugged and compact package. The beam height matches other D2-series modules.
The D2-130 can be used whenever extra isolation is desired, such as before the PICOS module or as added isolation prior to fibre coupling.

D2-120 Fibre Coupling Module

The D2-120 is designed to facilitate coupling of a laser beam into either single or multimode optical fibre. The module incorporates a 35 dB optical isolator prior to the fibre facet to reduce optical feedback.
An FC fibre receptacle with alignment adjustments is provided. The incoming beam height matches other D2 series lasers and optical modules.

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