DCOAX Dual Low-Noise Optimised Coaxial Cable

DCOAX Dual Low-Noise Optimised Coaxial Cable

Reduce induced cable errors   

DCOAX Dual Low-Noise Optimised Coaxial Cable   

Very high precision, three-terminal capacitance measurements can be affected by the self-inductance of the test cables, mainly at higher capacitance values. Magnetically induced noise can also reduce the quality of measurements.

The DCOAX cable both minimises these problems and provides a way to standardise the residual self-inductance. High precision calibration measurements can now use a standard one metre length of test cable to minimise and standardise cable induced errors.

Key features:

  • Centre conductor is equivalent to 20 gauge to minimise resistance
  • Good flexibility makes it suitable for test leads
  • Low triboelectric noise
  • Minimises self-inductance at frequencies below 1 MHz
  • Minimises the enclosed area to reduce pickup from magnetic fields
  • Rib on one half cable allows easy identification
  • Shielding is 100% using foil and copper braid construction


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