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Precision Photonic Alignment Systems   

Alignment Systems   

Building on its reputation for manufacturing precision positioners, Elliot Scientific also supplies complete alignment systems for use in the assembly and test of photonic components.

These systems incorporate positioning modules that were originally designed by Martock Design, who are now a subsidiary of Elliot Scientific. Ongoing development by Elliot Scientific has extended the performance of the positioners and has kept the Elliot/Martock brand at the forefront of critical alignment applications.


  • Linear, rotational and true arc movement/positioning
  • Manual, motorised or piezo actuators
  • Optional automated control
  • Cost effective custom configurations

A number of applications have been successfully addressed including alignment of single and dual ended waveguide devices such as laser diode to single-mode fibre, or input and output pigtailing of SOAs (semiconductor optical amplifiers), couplers, splitters and WDMs. Systems can be configured to match specific customer requirements using precision positioning modules from the Elliot/Martock product range.

Alignment Applications

  • Fibre-to-laser diode
  • Fibre-to-waveguide
  • Fibre-to-fibre coupling
  • Ribbon cable-to-device
  • SOA to fibre
  • Fibre array to V-groove
  • Polarisation Maintaining fibre
  • Fibre collimators

One of the key elements of these alignment systems is the patented Elliot Gold™ Series of flexure stages that is ideal for high precision device manipulation. The individual flexure stages provide very high resolution, stability and robustness and are available in a number of configurations making them particularly suited to integration into larger systems.

For rotation or movement in an arc, the Elliot/Martock precision rotators were designed to simplify procedures for the critical alignment of angular-sensitive devices eg the alignment of polarisation maintaining components. These rotators can be integrated with linear positioners to provide workstations with up to 6 axes of manipulation.

For applications where automated control is a prerequisite, the DAli™ 3 controller can drive piezo actuators on 2 positioning axes using an automated feedback routine to rapidly optimise optical alignment. For very complex alignment tasks requiring the simultaneous optimisation of two components to a third one, eg where both input and output fibres need to be simultaneously aligned to a waveguide device, then two DAli™ 3 units can be operated together.

The modularity and versatility of the Elliot Scientific range of precision positioners and rotators enables a wide range of precision handling systems to be built up that can be used for most photonic alignment tasks in development, production and test.

MDE187 - Six-Axis Positioner
DAli 3 System

A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used an Elliot Scientific custom built stage or alignment system within their research. Here is an example:

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