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MX7800 Motorised 4-axis Manipulator - 50 mm Travel

MX7800 Motorised 4-axis Manipulator - 50 mm Travel
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MX7800 Motorised 4-axis Manipulator - 50 mm Travel
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  • Model: Siskiyou MX7800

A motorised, narrow profile, 4-axis manipulators for life scientists   

MX7800 Series   

The MX7800 series is a crossed roller bearing motorised micromanipulator using the time-tested design of Siskiyou's 7600 and 7700 series stages but with a new folded Y-axis stage that narrows the footprint of the manipulator by half. This design enables the mounting of as many as six micromanipulators in a semi­circle from side to side around the front of a microscope.

"Previous micromanipulator designs allowed for easy placement of a single manipulator on the right and left sides of the microscope, but they did not allow for multiple manipulators on either side."

As patch-recording has evolved, the need for more manipulation equipment for multiple recording experiments has becoming increasingly common. The X, Y and Z axes of the 7800 have 20 mm of travel, while the tilted axial axis has a full 50 mm of travel to facilitate electrode change within limited space.

The micromanipulator comes with both MXC and MXC-D style head stage mounts.

MX7800 Motorised Manipulator

Product features

  • Folded narrow Y-axis stage
  • 50 mm of travel axial stage
  • Choice of left or right-handed models
  • Dovetail and V-groove headstage mounts
Product specifications
   X, Y and Z
20 mm
50 mm
Load (max) 2.25 kg (5 lbs)
Controllable motion (min)   0.1 µm

Siskiyou Corporation has been producing popular laboratory mechanicals for over 40 years; designing from the outset with quality and flexibility in mind.

Siskiyou do not aim at single disciplines, such as Photonics or Life Sciences, but craft their products to provide end users with the modular tools for constructing systems that are only limited by their imagination.

These concepts have ensured Siskiyou components outperform and outlast competitive products.

For more information, you can download the full Siskiyou catalogue here

Siskiyou website

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