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MDE883 - Elliot Gold™ Series Central Workstation with rotation, tilt and transverse motion

MDE883 - Elliot Gold™ Series Central Workstation with rotation, tilt and transverse motion
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MDE883 - Elliot Gold™ Series Central Workstation with rotation, tilt and transverse motion
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  • Model: Martock MDE883

Elliot Gold™ Central Workstation with Rotation, Tilt and Transverse Motion   


Optical workstation with 2 axes of precision rotation, 1 axis of tilt and 2 axes of linear travel.

  • ± 4° adjustment, 1 arc sec resolution for θx and θz
  • ± 1° for θy
  • 25 mm travel, 0.5 µm resolution for Y axis
  • Direct readout of device Y linear travel position.
  • 6 mm travel, > 2 µm resolution for Z axis
  • Mounts directly onto 25 mm or 1" pitch table

The Central Workstation provides roll (θx) and pitch (θy) at a height of 125 mm from the bottom of the base plate and these both coincide with the yaw (θz) axis at a height of 18 mm above the middle of the top plate of the θz rotation unit. Rotation axes are defined by curved bearings hence rotation is always in a true arc. Digital readout of the Y travel is provided to allow the operator to read waveguide positions. Thus stepping the fibre across the substrate to locate individual waveguides becomes a simple task.

MDE883 Fibre Alignment Workstation Axis DiagramApplication Note

The MDE883 Central Workstation was designed to be a key part of the MDE881 6-axes manipulator. However for applications where the geometry of the standard MDE881 is not suitable we offer the system in its key component parts, allowing custom set-ups to be configured on an optical table or breadboard. This approach means that the system can be purchased in parts as required.

Thus the MDE883 can be used in situations where the standard in-line configuration of the MDE881 is not suitable. For example when the waveguide inputs and outputs are angled at 90 degrees. Alternatively, building the system in kit form provides greater flexibility in adapting the modules to a wider range of applications.


θx ± 4° rotation with 1 arc sec resolution
θz ± 4° rotation with 1 arc sec resolution
θy ± 1° rotation adjustable by hex key supplied with MDE881. Adjustment is useful for aligning to waveguides mounted on epoxy in packages where device is not necessarily sitting flat.
Y-travel 25 mm standard (MDE883) with 0.5 µm resolution and direct digital read-out of position to 1µm (with digital micrometer)
Z-travel 6 mm with 2 µm resolution by means of hex key adjuster
Axis height     125 mm from bottom of base plate
Includes Model MDE154 clamp set
Options and Accessories
MDE883-60 with 60 mm of Y-travel
MDE890 and MDE891 can be used to extend the rotation range - useful for holding components such as Fabry-Perot filters
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