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T100S-HP - High Power Tuneable Laser

T100S-HP - High Power Tuneable Laser
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Tags: Fibre , Telecom , Component , Test
T100S-HP - High Power Tuneable Laser
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An essential instrument for any optics lab   

T100S-HP - High Power Tuneable Laser   


  • Telecom system and component testing
  • Interferometry
  • Sensors & Metrology
  • Spectroscopy
  • Scientific research

EXFO's T100S-HP tuneable laser combines long-term reliability with unparalleled specifications.

The T100S-HP delivers high output power across its full tuning range with ultra-low SSE noise.

Easy-to-use and affordable, this is the instrument for all optics laboratories.


13 dBm output power
The T100S-HP provides the highest fibre-coupled output power of any comparable tuneable laser on the market today. Essential models emit over 10 mW (10 dBm) over their entire tuning range. Peak power is 20 mW (13 dBm) for all models.

Ultra-low optical noise
The unique T100 cavity eliminates the broadband spontaneous emission (SSE) that is normally present in an external cavity laser’s output. This gives a dramatic improvement in measurement’s dynamic range and enables component characterisation without compromise.

Built-in wavelength reference
An internal wavelength reference ensures high wavelength accuracy, better than ±20 pm, is maintained in the long-term.

Step-by-step or fast wavelength scans
The laser can be tuned accurately to any wavelength or alternatively can be swept, at any speed from 1 to 100 nm/s over a range of wavelengths.

Wide tuning range
Six models are available. Essential models cover the standard telecom O and C & L wavelength bands. Extended range models have wider wavelength ranges, up to 200 nm, extending from 1240 nm to 1680 nm.

Active mode-hop-free scan
EXFO patented active mode-hop control ensures every scan is completely mode-hop-free. Reliable wavelength sweeps are attained with long-term reliability.

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