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MDE183 - Pitch and Yaw Stage with Simple Adjusters

MDE183 - Pitch and Yaw Stage with Simple Adjusters
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MDE183 - Pitch and Yaw Stage with Simple Adjusters
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  • Model: Martock MDE183

Pitch and yaw adjustment for Elliot Gold™ XYZ flexure stages   


  • Pitch and yaw adjustment about a single point in space
  • ± 3° range in pitch ( θY )
  • ± 5° range in yaw ( θZ )
  • Resolution 2.0 arc secs
  • Rotation in a true arc - no cross-talk
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • User-replaceable adjusters
  • Swing-out pointer identifies the centre of rotation for ease of use
  • Fits Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ flexure stage to provide 5 & 6 axis operation
  • Right-handed. Left-handed configuration available to special order
  • Add optional fibre or fibre array rotation holders to provide roll axis adjustment
  • Standard fibre holders fit top plate
  • Optical axis height 125 mm when fitted to flexure stage

The MDE183 and MDE185 Rotation Stages add pitch and yaw adjustments to the Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ flexure stages. Applicable to a wide range of fibre and device alignment tasks requiring the ultimate in flexibility and precision control.

MDE183 Elliot Gold XYZ Flexure Stage Pitch and Yaw Adjuster Axis DiagramThe MDE183 pitch and yaw module provides a ± 3° range in pitch and a ± 5° range in yaw, with a resolution of 2.0 arc secs. The module has a locating slot to accept Elliot/Martock standard top plate accessories such as fibre holders allowing bare fibre, ribbon cable and connectorised fibre to be used with the rotation module. A locating tongue on the base interfaces with the top plate of the flexure stages. When fitted with a fibre rotator and attached to a stage, the module allows 6-axis manipulation of a fibre about a single point in space. A swing-out pointer identifies the rotation centre for ease of use.
The MDE183 and MDE185 can be used with various top plate accessories from the Elliot/Martock range. These stages can also be mounted on riser blocks for 94 mm or 125 mm optical axis height. The MDE190 riser block is used to extend the axis height of an MDE147 or MDE148 bracket to 125 mm for 5 or 6 axis fibre launch applications.
All accessories are compatible with the flexure stages. The optical axis height is 18 mm above the platform surface and on the centre line of the location slot. Where necessary a locating tongue forms part of the accessory. A standard clamp system is used and all accessories requiring attachment in this format are supplied with a clamp set.




ConfigurationRight handed version
Adjuster Type2x Simple manual adjusters, 0.25 pitch (Model MDE217)
RangeθZ (yaw)   ± 5°
θY (pitch)   ± 3°
Resolution2.0 arc seconds
Optical axisWhen MDE183 is mounted onto an Elliot Gold™ Series XYZ flexure stage, the optical axis height is 125 mm above the bottom of the stage.
Cross-talkNo cross-talk - Rotation in a true arc
Visual Indicator    Swing-out pointer identifies the centre of rotation
IncludesModel MDE154 clamp set
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