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DHM®-T Series Microscopes

DHM®-T Series Microscopes
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  • Model: Lyncee Tec DHM-T

Digital Holographic Microscopes configured for transmission   

DHM®-T Series   


  • Micro-optical characterisation
  • Microfluidic characterisation
  • Defect detection
  • Cellular research

The Lyncée Tec DHM®-T series of microscopes are designed to work on transparent or semi-transparent samples. The instruments measure the difference of optical light paths travelling through a specimen which makes it the best choice for cellular applications.

There are currently two configurations of microscope: the single laser DHM® T-1000 and the DHM® T-2100 operating with two lasers.

For life science the DHM®-T provides precise Quantitative Phase Measurements (QPM) of living cell cultures up to confluence, without the use of any contrast agent, and with very low illumination power.

The DHM®-T is an ideal instrument for high content screening, time lapse measurements and diagnostics. Used in conjunction with an optional fluorescence module, it enables simultaneous DHM® and fluorescence measurements. It is compatible with a range of motorised microscope stages and accessories for working with live cells.

For materials science the DHM®-T can measure sample shape and surface, material optical parameters, internal structure, and defects. It is an ideal tool for the characterisation of micro-optics, delivering shape, refractive index and the optical transfer function.

Refractive index liquids can be used for characterisation of steep slope samples like micro-corner cubes and Fresnel lenses among others. Typical applications include 3D-particle flow velocimetry and characterisation of microfluidics devices.


The reflection DHM® instruments can be supplied with an optional stroboscopic module, and post-processing software for MEMS and Reflectometry analysis.

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