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DHM® Camera

DHM® Camera
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  • Model: Lyncee Tec DHM Camera

Add phase imaging to your existing fluorescence microscope   

Digital Holographic Camera   


  • Magnification from 5x to 100x
  • Large field of view: 1.2 mm2 (at 10x)
  • 5 MP sCMOS camera sensor
  • Up to 75 fps acquisition speed

The Digital Holographic Camera is has been specifically designed for Life Science applications, offering the same capabilities as the Lyncée Tec stand-alone transmission DHM® on most classical samples such as microscopy slides, Petri dishes, and so on.

It is a cost-effective module that can easily be attached to the side port of an existing fluorescence microscope for obtaining non-invasive quantitative phase images.

The 5 megapixel camera provides a 4x larger field of view when compared to standard imaging devices, and its higher spatial and temporal resolution allows you to capture fine details faster.

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