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DHM®-R Series Microscopes

DHM®-R Series Microscopes
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DHM®-R Series Microscopes
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Digital Holographic Microscopes configured for reflection   

DHM®-R Series   


  • Surface topography
  • Defect inspection
  • MEMS measurement
  • Structured thin films

The Lyncée Tec DHM®-R series of reflection configured holographic microscopes are ideal for measuring totally and partially reflecting objects. Their ability to work with low reflective interfaces (down to < 1% reflectivity) make them ideal instruments for accurate optical topography measurements on a large variety of samples.

The microscopes have a high acquisition rate, are easy to use, and are therefore ideal for rapid routine inspection, automated industrial quality control, and dynamic observations in research applications.

Real-time MEMS analysis

Using DHM® to measure 3D vibrations over the full field of view without XYZ scanning. Millions of data points are acquired simultaneously with resolution similar to a laser vibrometer.

There are three configurations of instrument available, defined by the number and combination of wavelengths:

DHM®-R1000: Real-time measurements at one wavelength

Designed to provide real-time measurements of samples with sub-nanometre resolution for step heights up to 340 nm within the 200 µm live vertical range, the DHM®-R1000 is the simplest model of the series. It is particularly cost effective as well as extremely easy to use, and therefore the ideal tool for measuring smooth surfaces with small local slopes, topography of samples with steps, or discontinuities with heights under 300 nm.

DHM®-R2100: For measuring at two wavelengths simultaneously

The dual-laser configuration enables true real-time measurements of sharp steps up to 2.1 µm high while keeping sub-nanometre vertical resolution within the 200 µm vertical range.

The innovative optical layout combines two laser sources to increase of the measurement range to step heights of up to 2.1 µm without any scanning or wavelength switching.

The DHM®-R2100 delivers true real-time measurements for both single and dual wavelengths modes, and full frame phase and intensity images at video rates.

The twin laser set-up enables interference patterns to be recorded by the camera within the same hologram. These are then independently reconstructed and combined to extend the measurement range as if the sample was imaged with a single laser. This synthetic wavelength (Λ) is the equivalent to the low frequency beating of the two monochromatic wavelengths λ1 and λ2sub> such that:

Λ= (λ1 x λ2) / |λ1 – λ2| , Λ ≫ λ1, λ2

Real-time measurements can be performed with just one laser wavelength or with the synthetic combination. Switching between the two measurement ranges is possible during acquisition as all the information is recorded within the hologram and the measurement data is computed from it.

This simultaneous recording of data results in the fastest measurements in interference microscopy, avoiding blurring due to the rapid acquisition time

DHM®-R2200: Three lasers extend the measurement range

A triple laser configuration extends the true real-time measurement of sharp steps up to 12 µm high with nanometre vertical resolution within the 200 µm vertical measurement range.

The DHM®-R2200 instruments reach a new level in interference microscopy measurements. Operating in a similar fashion to the DHM®-R2100, the DHM®-R2200 integrates a third light source to offer synthetic wavelengths of 4.2 µm and 24 µm for step heights up to 2.1 and 12 µm.

The measurement range can further be increased to the millimetre range with a vertical coherence scanning module.


The reflection DHM® instruments can be supplied with an optional stroboscopic module, and software for MEMS and Reflectometry analysis. Each DHM®-R can be delivered complete or as a head only for custom mounting.

Lyncée Tec website

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