DHM® Inspection Solutions

DHM® Inspection Solutions
DHM® Inspection Solutions

Incoporate phase imaging into your workflow   

DHM® Solutions for Industry   

Lyncée Tec's Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®) patented technology utilises a video camera to record a hologram produced by the interference between a reference laser beam and the light reflected from a sample.

The capture is processed to reconstruct a 3D image that reveals the optical topography information of the sample.

This is all done in real-time without contact and without scanning, making this digital process ideal for high-speed industrial inspection and other, similar applications.


Digital Holographic Macroscope


  • 32 mm2 field of view
  • 35 µm lateral resolution
  • 0.5 nm vertical resolution
  • 30 mm working distance
  • 0.15° acceptance angle

The first macroscopic configuration of Lyncée Tec's Reflection DHM® enables measurement of 3D topography with a large field of view. As with other DHM® products, the macro-sensor is one or two laser non-scanning instrument capturing data at unrivaled acquisition speeds.

The recently patented technology opens up new applications where a sub-nanometric vertical resolution is required within an extended field of view compare to standard microscope configuration.

The macro-sensor has been developed for automated measurement, so all the critical components are easily accessible. In a stand-alone configuration it is equipped with a motorised stage. A 'head only' configuration is available for integration onto larger equipment.

Lens Less Sensor

The Lens Less Sensor is a fixed field of view DHM® from Lyncée Tec for measuring 3D topography with sub-nanometric resolution. The digital holography technology offers significant advantages when compared to other 3D optical profilometer systems.


  • Fast measurement
  • Insensitive to surrounding vibrations
  • Digital focussing
  • Single or dual wavelength configuration
  • Compact design for easy integration
  • Ideal for automation
  • Camera outside of the main body for easy maintenance
  • External laser source for easy integration and maintenance
  • Adapted to your needs
  • Choice of laser sources
  • Higher resolution sensor option

The unique patented design of the Lyncée Tec robust Lens Less Sensor makes it ideal for industrial applications.


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