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RadOMA™ NVIS Spectroradiometer

RadOMA™ NVIS Spectroradiometer
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RadOMA™ NVIS Spectroradiometer
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  • Model: Gamma Scientific GS-1290-NVIS

Leading-edge sensitivity for Night Vision tests   

RadOMA™ NVIS Spectroradiometer   

NVIS Spectroradiometer Features

  • Measurements down to 0.000015 cd/m² with 100:1 SNR
  • Exceptional accuracy via high-resolution bandwidth coverage
  • Near-real-time measurement
  • High resolution: From 0.6 nm/pixel
  • Spectral range: Choice of 360-930 or 360-1100 nm
  • 6 aperture telescope with direct or fiber-optic coupling
  • Optional X-Y translation stage
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Windows-based control/analysis software
  • NIST-traceable accuracy
  • Internal LED spot projection shows precise measurement location
  • Direct Excel export for data and graphs
  • Pass/Fail reporting per MIL specifications
  • Zoomable CIE Chromaticity plotting with NVIS type outlines

The GS-1290-NVIS is an advanced, high-speed spectroradiometer that combines the leading-edge sensitivity of backside-thinned CCD detector technology with Gamma Scientific’s industry-renowned RadOMA opto-electrical platform.

The GS-1290-NVIS is specifically configured for ANVIS testing of cockpit displays and lighting. It exceeds all requirements outlined in MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009.

The GS-1290-NVIS represents the state-of-the-art in speed and accuracy in a commercially available spectroradiometer. Measurements that required a few minutes in the past with scanning grating spectroradiometer systems can now be performed in a matter of seconds.

Full performance and in-depth specification details can be found in the datasheet downloadable from the Documents tab above, along with a White Paper covering the measurement techniques required for testing night vision and related equipment.

Gamma Scientific website

File Name Size Link
Gamma ANVIS Datasheet 532.93KiB Download
Gamma GS-1290 NVIS Datasheet 290.49KiB Download
Terms and Conditions V6 206.45KiB Download
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