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Wavemon Optical Meter

Wavemon Optical Meter
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Wavemon Optical Meter
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  • Model: Gamma Scientific RS-7 Wavemon

Real-time wavelength measurement system    


  • Sub-nanometre resolution and accuracy
  • Five adjustable transimpedance gain ranges and 24-bit ADC
  • Data output via USB (Windows/OSX/Linux support)
  • ASCII command set for simple control

The Wavemon™ system represents a significant advancement in real-time wavelength measurements. Using a multi-channel photodiode system, the unit provides amplitude feedback without the use of an expensive array spectrometer or sensitive optical alignment.


  • Monochromator wavelength monitoring
  • Real-time production testing for wavelength and amplitude
  • 940nm VCSEL testing for facial recognition
  • LED device or wafer level test and characterisation
  • Production line or laboratory use

Three photodiodes, each with an independent transimpedance amplifier circuit and 5 gain ranges for each channel, along with proprietary optical filtering techniques allows for wavelength accuracy of +/-0.25 nm and repeatability of +/-0.01 nm. Rock-solid stability and a reduced noise floor is achieved via a temperature stabilised feedback loop incorporating PID feedback.


Silicon photodetectors One bare plus two optically filtered
Spectral range 365 nm to 1.1 µm (SWIR option)
Wavelength absolute accuracy ± 0.25 nm
Wavelength repeatability ± 0.01 nm
Irradiance absolute accuracy ± 1%
Irradiance repeatability / stability    ± 0.01 nm
Capture time 100 ms (typical)
Unit dimensions (mm) 90 x 160 x 63 (WHD)

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