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RadOMA™ Spectroradiometers

RadOMA™ Spectroradiometers
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RadOMA™ Spectroradiometers
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Wavelength intensity measurement from Gamma Scientific   

RadOMA™ Spectroradiometers   

Gamma Scientific RadOMA™ spectroradiometers feature a proprietary optical design and back thinned CCD technology that provides exceptional low-light measurements, superior blue light sensitivity, and highly accurate measurements of wavelength, colour and power.

  • High-resolution: 0.5 nm per pixel
  • High sensitivity and spectral resolution
  • Large dynamic range and low stray light
  • Models available cover UV, Visible and NIR wavelength ranges
  • High-quality TE-cooled back-thinned CDD detector
  • Exceptional accuracy via high-resolution bandwidth coverage
  • Near real-time measurement speed (millisecond)
  • NIST-traceable field-calibration

The RadOMA™ advanced, high-speed spectroradiometers combine the leading-edge sensitivity of a backside-thinned CCD detector with Gamma Scientific’s industry-renowned OMA optical multi-channel analyser opto-electrical platform. The system delivers millisecond measurement speed, an exceptional low-light measurement capability, and superior blue-light region sensitivity at least two times greater than conventional front-illuminated CCD-based systems.

Multiple configurations cover a wide spectral range, from the ultraviolet to the near infrared:

  • 200 to 890 nm (GS-1290-1)
  • 200 to 1100 nm (GS-1290-2)
  • 360 to 940 nm (GS-1290-3)

RadOMA™ spectroradiometers are ideally suited for testing LED colour and luminance, flat panel displays, retroreflected colour, reflectance, transmittance, and light sources.

As with all Gamma Scientific’s products, each system is completely modular and interchangeable, so it can be easily upgraded or customised. Automatic Dynamic Range Optimisation ensures system electrical gains are always set for the best results. Interfacing the RadOMA via USB 2.0 to Gamma Scientific’s powerful Windows-based Light Touch spectral data acquisition and analysis software package rounds out a comprehensive solution.

RadOMA™ spectroradiometer systems come with factory NIST-traceable calibration and can be self-calibrated by the user, so they never have to be returned to the factory for calibration. Calibrations take just seconds using a calibrated standard source.


Gamma Scientific’s 940 LED-1200 and 940 LED-1850 Goniophotometers utilise a high-speed RadOMA spectroradiometer to capture complete spectral measurements as a function of angle. Designed to analyse the angle dependent spatial radiation properties of LED luminaires, lamps and modules, Gamma Scientific goniophotometers have an angular resolution of 0.01° and can capture accurate and repeatable LED measurements.


  • Type C Goniophotometer with horizontal optical axis
  • Angular analysis of spectral & colourimetric values
  • Measures luminous intensity distribution and flux
  • Superior wavelength & colour accuracy
  • Near-real-time measurement
  • NIST-traceable calibration
  • Conforms with CIE, DIN and IES standards
  • Choice of 1250 or 1850 mm diameter capabilities
  • Exceptional accuracy via high-res bandwidth coverage

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