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OZ Optics Ex-demo

OZ Optics Ex-demo
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OZ Optics Ex-demo
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We have a number of ex-demonstration OZ Optics fibre products that are now surplus to our requirements, so we're making these items available at significantly reduced prices.

The products listed below are in unused condition except where indicated with * denoting cosmetic blemishes. Please contact us for purchasing advice.

Note that the listed prices exclude taxes and delivery charges, and all items are offered without warranty and are non-returnable.


OZ Optics Products
Product Code Description Available Unit Price
FOBS-12P-111-9/125-SSS-1300-50/50-40-333-1-1 Beamsplitter, 1x2 fibre pigtailed, 50:50 for 1300nm, -40 dB back-reflection, 1 m long SM pigtails, 1 mm diameter jacket, with FC/PC connectors. 1 £800
LPSC-03-1550-9/125-S-11AS-11-3-3-1 Laser to fibre coupler, pigtail style, non-contact type, for 1550 nm, SM fibre, 3 mm jacket, 1 m long, FC/PC output connector. Lens is 11 mm focal length aspheric. Post mount via 1/4"-20 tapped hole. 1 £132
QPMJ-3A3A-514-3.5/125-3-1-1 Patchcord, high power fused silica PM fibre with angled FC/PC connectors, 3 mm jacket, 1 m long. 3.5 µm core, suitable for 488 +/- 30 nm. 1 £101
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