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Benchtop Test Equipment - OZ Optics

Benchtop Test Equipment - OZ Optics
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Benchtop Test Equipment - OZ Optics
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Benchtop Test Equipment   

OZ Optics Backreflection & Polarisation Extinction Ratio Meters   

OZ Optics is one of the leading fibre optic suppliers in the world, with an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of quality components for use in telecommunications, laboratory, industrial, military and medical fields.

OZ Optics benchtop test instruments offer touchscreen interfaces, built-in memory, and USB 2.0 interfaces to deliver functionality for streamlining and automating the measurement process. The unprecedented accuracy and superior performance, along with these premium features, make them ideal for component and device testing.

Backreflection Meters

Benchtop backreflection meters (BRM) from OZ Optics utilise one or two broadband SLED sources for stability and sensitivity, and can work with single mode, polarisation maintaining, or multimode fibres. Operating wavelengths available include 1060, 830 and 650 nm, and industry-standard telecommunication bands.

It is therefore ideal for use with fibre lasers, sensors and biomedical applications, for example, Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) - a capability unique to this meter.

With up to 75 dB dynamic range and a broad list of features, such as an optional second photodetector for insertion loss measurements, the Backreflection Meter is an important tool for optical return loss measurements.

  • Single or dual wavelength models
  • Broadband SLED in the range 633 to 1625 nm
  • Custom wavelength options
  • Sensitivity to -75 dB
  • High resolution
  • USB interface
  • Touchscreen display
  • Built-in memory

Polarisation Extinction Ratio Meter

The Polarisation Extinction Ratio Meter (ERM) analyses light from a fibre, and reports the polarisation extinction ratio of the light, in dB, as well as the orientation of the polarisation with respect to the connector key on the fibre. Extinction ratios of up to 50 dB can be measured, and the orientation can be determined with 0.3° resolution.

The meter operates in two modes, real time and test. In real time mode, the meter reports the current polarisation, updating the result several times per second. This mode is ideal for aligning optics.

The test mode monitors the output polarisation over an extended interval while the fibre or device is subjected to stress. This mode is used for quality testing, making it ideal for a manufacturing or testing station.

ER meters are available for operating wavelengths ranging from as short as 450 nm to as long as 2400 nm. An optional attenuator allows measurements of output powers up to 2 W. Various connector interfaces, including FC, SC, LC, and E2000 are offered, and can be easily interchanged by the operator.

  • Measures up to 50 dB polarisation extinction ratios*
  • Built-in USB Communications Interface
  • Wide wavelength range:
    • 450 to 900 nm for visible range
    • 850 to 1650 nm and 1800 to 2400 nm for IR
  • 0.01 dB resolution in ER and 0.3° resolution in angle
  • Accuracy in ER is ±0.15 dB, in angle is ±0.5°
  • Measures up to 2 W CW input power
  • Touchscreen display
  • Internal memory

* Specific ranges

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