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Strain and Temperature Sensing

Strain and Temperature Sensing
Strain and Temperature Sensing
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Strain and Temperature Sensing
Strain and Temperature Sensing
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Strain and Temperature Sensing
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Remote Pipeline, Perimeter, and Structural Monitoring   

Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing (DSTS)   

Foresight™, from OZ Optics, is a sophisticated Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensor (DSTS) system based on Brillouin scattering in an optical fibre. It can measure subtle changes in both temperature and strain along the length of the fibre over time, or the rapid location detection of a major disturbance within a second.
By wrapping or embedding a fibre inside a structure, such as an oil pipeline or dam, detection of the structure being strained or heated/cooled is possible, allowing for pre-emptive maintenance. Such monitoring capability is invaluable in critical structures where cracks and failure could involve loss of life or other unprecedented costs.
Foresight™ can also detect and report larger signals within one second with only a slight loss of accuracy. This sort of response speed is ideal for security applications or strains caused by earthquakes where an immediate measurement and reaction may be required.

  • Live measurement of strain and temperature
  • BOTDA and OTDR, and/or BOTDR in one device
  • Fibre configuration:
    • Loop: Up to 100 km round-trip sensing range
    • Single-ended: Up to 70 km
  • Multiple channel monitoring
  • Real-time fault point detection
  • High spatial strain and temperature resolution
  • Uses standard telecom fibre
  • Power line monitoring
  • Crack detection
  • Fire detection
  • Security monitoring
  • Bridge, dam, and building monitoring
  • Oil and gas pipeline/well monitoring
  • Corrosion/Erosion monitoring
  • Structural health monitoring (SHM)
  • Smart structures

BOTDA - Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis
BOTDR - Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
OTDR - Optical Time Domain Reflectometry

OZ Optics DSTS

OZ Optics website

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BOTDR Datasheet 601.74KiB Download
DSTS Datasheet 1.01MiB Download
Terms and Conditions V6 206.45KiB Download
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A number of papers have been published by scientists around the globe who have used the OZ Optics Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing technology in their research. Here is an example: