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Fibre Pigtailed Laser Modules - OZ Optics

Fibre Pigtailed Laser Modules - OZ Optics
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Fibre Pigtailed Laser Modules - OZ Optics
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  • Model: OZ Optics Fibre Pigtailed Laser Modules

Ultra-stable lasers in a compact housing    

OZ Optics Fibre Pigtailed Laser Modules   

The OZ Optics laser modules are temperature stabilised, fibrecoupled laser delivery systems built within a compact housing. Numerous models and power levels are available, based on 23 standard wavelengths, that offer front (OZ-1000 series) or rear (OZ-2000 series) control ports. An additional OZ-3000 model is offered that is the OZ-2000 in an even more compact housing.


  • Wavelengths: 23 models offer from 375 to 1625 nm with low RMS noise
  • Operational variation of ± 0.1 nm
  • Single, multimode or polarisation maintaining fibre
  • Simple analogue/TTL interface. USB or other interfaces optional
  • Fibre (US: fiber) pigtail & optional collimator or focuser, or plain connector

A simple 5 Vdc supply is all that is required to power the module. Control is via the 9-pin port, with one pin supplying power to the unit; a second acting as an interlock, switching the laser on or off; and a third offering electrical control of the output power by means of a variable voltage, where 0 V enables full power output and 5 V the minimum. This attenuation control can also be used to modulate the laser output at up to 100 kHz, while a special version is available with a modulation capability of up to 150 MHz.
Other options include a mechanical attenuator, which reduces the tendency of the laser diode to change wavelength when varying power by keeping the laser diode current constant; a mechanical shutter, to cut-off the beam fully and units with variable laser temperature, which can be used to tune the wavelength of the laser over a typical range of 2 nm. Full details and specifications can be found in the datasheet downloadable from the Documents tab above.


  • Confocal microscopy
  • Flow Cytometry
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Medical Imaging
  • Insertion loss measurement and attenuation measurement
  • High power or remote fibre delivery systems
  • Accurate fibre optic testing
  • Optical component manufacturing and testing
  • Materials evaluation and testing
  • RGB illumination systems

Note: Wavelength accuracy and power output of these modules is dependent on diode chosen.

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